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Vougar’s Honor Wrestling Club. Located in Syosset, N.Y Vougar started training children of all ages ranging 7- 18yrs through college .He wanted all children to have a place where they can learn wrestling, develop athletically, and learn honor, respect, and discipline for themselves and others. Vougar also works with children who have special needs. For the past 13 years, Vougar has been working as one of the wrestling coaches at Nassau community college. 

Vougar not only works hand and hand with his students during the wrestling seasons but he also gives his time, knowledge and experiences. He helps his students during the crucial college application processes. He advises his students of colleges that offer the ideal situations. Not only in wrestling but also with their future endeavors. His students have had acceptances to such Ivy league Universities as, Harvard, Cornell, American, Northwestern, Ohio State, Indiana ,Michigan, NYU, Hofstra, just to name a few.

Vougar has three boys of his own. Nick, the eldest, Nick Arujau, is a three-time state champion from New York (2008, 2009, 2010) continues his wrestling career and education at Cornell university. Nick was also awarded a full Scholarship at American University. Vito, 13years, was recruited from 8th grade middle school to be the the 100 lb varsity starter at Syosset High school. George will be coming of age to wrestle soon enough and his dream is to beat his Dad’s record. 

Vougar doesn’t just work, he lives his career. He works 12 months, seven days a week. He runs a summer program for children of all ages. He is committed to his family, his love, his honor and respect, transcends to all.


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Vougar Oroudjov


Vougar Oroudjov was born in Russia in 1971. He competed in both the 1992 Summer Olympics, where he competed for the Unified Team, and the 1996 Summer Olympics, taking third and fourth respectively. In Russia Vougar was the 2 time freestyle world champion as well as bronze medal winner in the 1992 Olympics. He came to the united states in 2000 to establish his career and provide a future for his wife and children. Vougar worked for many years personally training eager students around the country from California to New York, the skills of wrestling. 


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Carlos Restrepo

VHW Assistant Coach 2011-Present 

2X NCAA DIV 3 All-American 
NCAA DIV 3 National Finalist
NYS Collegiate State Champion


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Brett Milgrim

Assistant Coach

NYU wrestling team (2001 - 2005)

Team Captain for NYU (2002-2005)

Assistant Coach at W.T. Clarke High School (2005-2022)


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